Sage Pro ERP - Work Orders

The Sage Pro Work Orders module teams up with Production Entry to deliver component allocation, work order creation and generation, routing, and Material Requirement Planning (MRP) features.

Work Orders provides the necessary MRP system tools to manage production orders, inventory, and resources in a manufacturing environment.

Enhanced MRP to Purchase Order link and ability to create PO Bids with greater efficiency add additional value to this dynamic manufacturing solution.
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  • Production orders can automatically be generated from MRP system sales order requirements.
  • Enter work orders with the option to associate with an order or customer.
  • Ability to attach files to work orders
  • Take advantage of the improved MRP to Purchase Order link
  • Automatically close work orders on shipment
  • Generate work orders based on MRP system requirements, shortages, or forecast.
  • Generate purchase order bids based on shortages, or forecast.
  • Option to use routes specifying operations and work centers.
  • Set work order status to held, approved, or exploded.
  • Supports top, bottom, and smart-level explosion.
  • Option to include component allocation with smart explosion.
  • Includes option to use finished location for component usage.
  • Works with stores, bins, serial numbers, and lot numbers.
  • Includes option to specify a job number on the work order using MRP system features.
  • Select to automatically create daily completion logs.
  • Supports multiple reporting calendars for time-phased requirements.
  • Access the bills of materials, customer, and inventory files from Work Orders.
  • Complete work orders to update inventory and generate journal entries.
  • Ability to easily customize key MRP system terminology.
  • Update work orders through an import process that links with third-party applications
  • Filter for approve, explode and complete work orders
  • Support Serial number in work orders
  • Roll price changes from the configuration screen into orders
  • Add notes to individual work orders
  • Create PO Bids easier and produce work orders that include order quantities, supplier values, and lead times.

Standard Reports

  • Pro Forma Work Orders
  • Work Order Travelers
  • Work Orders
  • Work in Progress
  • Gross MRP
  • Net MRP
  • Shortages MRP
  • Variance Analysis
  • Routes
  • Finished Goods
  • Operations
  • Work Centers
  • Where Used on Routes

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