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The Sage Pro Order Entry module generates, schedules, and maintains estimates, sales orders, and backlogs. Invoices are created automatically when linked to Sage Pro Accounts Receivable.

Order Entry prints pick lists, UPS C.O.D. tags and a wide variety of sales order analysis reports.

The comprehensive Real-time Business Status Report provides a broad range of status updates for open orders, period-to-date orders, uninvoiced shipments, and completed shipments.

Order Entry integrates fully with Inventory Control and Accounts Receivable, so you always know your inventory levels and the status of your customer accounts.
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Maintaining Customers

  • Supports multiple customer ship-to addresses with information such as tax rates, sales person, district, etc.
  • Provides online lookup of customer or inventory codes and information.
  • Add new customers or inventory items during sales order entry.
  • Warns you when a customer's balance exceeds available credit during order entry.

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Entering and Managing Orders and Invoicing

  • Generates and maintains recurring sales orders and bids.
  • Supports Order Entry returns.
  • Print Pick Tickets when saving Sales Orders.
  • Unshipped or partially shipped line items can be edited.
  • Creates orders from multiple inventory locations.
  • Supports ordering and inventory tracking of individual serialized items, lotted items, stores, and bins during sales order entry or shipment.
  • Allows automatic creation of purchase orders from within Order Entry.
  • Sell items in different units of measure than you stock or purchase.
  • Automatically allocates inventory as a sales order is entered.
  • Allows over-shipment.
  • Sales order printout options can include detailed information such as lot number, serial number, location, and line item notes.
  • Commission calculations can be based upon salesperson or product line, and calculated on orders shipped or paid on flat sales amount or margins.
  • Commission calculations can be automatically adjusted for returned items.
  • Enter drop-ship line items, create purchase orders for drop-shipments, and track status of all drop-ship orders.
  • Supports blanket orders with quantity-limited contract pricing.
  • Supports tax tables and tax rates for tax calculation based on state, county, and city.
  • Allows for as many as 26 different pre-designated tax rates for different tax rate industries and VAT.
  • Records notes to your customers.
  • Warns you when inventory balance is insufficient to ship from inventory.
  • Uses pricing schemes that can be defined for items, customers, or a combination of both.
  • With appropriate privileges, users may override line-item prices.
  • Cost, price, and margin percentage displays by individual line item or total invoice during Invoice Entry.
  • Order Entry automatically receives customer Web orders from your ACCPAC eTransact Web store.
  • Supports data entry in multiple modules at the same time, which allows processing of order entry and maintenance information simultaneously.

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Processing Shipments

  • Print multiple copies of packing slip, independent of Sales Order or invoice printing.
  • Quick Ship feature allows you to ship multiple sales orders simultaneously.
  • Orders can be shipped from the Print, Preview, Ship, Continue dialog box while entering new orders


  • Prints sales orders, C.O.D. tags, picking lists, and extensive backlog reports.
  • Commission tiers allow for tracking against sales quotas based upon pre-defined sales goals.
  • Displays or prints 24-month customer and 36-month item sales history complete with graphs.
  • Real-time Business Status Report provides immediate status for open orders, period-to-date orders, uninvoiced shipments, and completed shipments.

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Key Reports

    Each report can be customized from a matrix of user-selected options: displayed, printed, exported to a spreadsheet, faxed, sent by e-mail, or saved on disk. Some of the reports included are:

  • Business Status Report
  • Comments Report
  • Commissions Due Report
  • Customer File
  • Customer Mailing and Folder Labels
  • Inventory File Report
  • Open Orders
  • Operations Summary
  • Order by Picking List
  • Order Status Report
  • Orders by Salesperson
  • Picking Tickets
  • Recurring Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Price List
  • Shipments
  • Transactions
  • UPS C.O.D. Tags

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Document Routing for Order Entry

(exclusively for Sage Pro 200)

    New workflow and routing capabilities in the Order Entry module simplify your order handling process. Setup flexibility enables you to define how much or little control you want for each process. You can determine approval levels and limits, processes and routing, and configure routing to match the way you operate your business. You'll find that managing your workflow has never been easier.


  • Automatically or manually route documents to reviewers for approvals, including sales order printing, sales order shipping, and RMA documents (when used with the new RMA module).
  • Define your own sequence of processes for routing various document types.
  • Use the routing tree for easy setup of workflow and routing processes, defined at the document or process level.
  • Choose from two routing types-responsibility or command.
  • Switch routing OFF or ON, at company and document-type levels.
  • Specify your own approval limitation codes.
  • Flag documents as approved, rejected, or hold for more information.
  • Re-route documents on the fly.
  • Send routing notifications using either ProAlert or the Executive Dashboard

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