Payroll Tax Updates


Coates & Associates offers payroll tax updates for legacy versions Sage Vision Point or Pro ERP Series software, that the software manufacturer does not currently provide an updates for.

The updates include:

  • changes for Federal Withholding taxes,
  • changes for State Withholding taxes for all states
  • changes to Social Security, Medicare and Federal Withholding Tables
  • customized updates for your specific region or tax needs

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Standard Payroll Tax Update Annual Package

What's Included

  • changes for Federal Withholding taxes,
  • changes for State Withholding taxes for all states
  • changes to Social Security, Medicare and Federal Withholding Tables.

When you purchase this subscription you are entitled to all updates required to get you through a calendar year. We send you the first update automatically, sometime around the first of each year. You must request additional updates as needed for the remainder of the year by contacting your software support person, or Coates & Associates.

Cost & Ordering

  • The subscription costs $495 per calendar year.
  • Please specify your software product and version when you order.
  • You can order by contacting us at 800 713 3361 x100 or Doug.Coates@CoatesAssociates.Com.
  • Visa, MasterCard, Amex and company checks are accepted.

What is Not Included

  • SUTA, SDI and local payroll taxes. These have to be individually configured for your company.
  • W2, 941, 1099 or Magnetic Media format changes, if any.
  • Changes to SBT or ACCPAC or Sage programs associated with tax processes.
  • Installation services beyond written instructions.

Installation Options

The updates can be installed by any consultant certified to work with these products.

Other Notes

  • We make backup copies of your tax configuration before the Updates are installed, so installation problems are easy to recover from.
  • If you have a problem running the update, you may run it again with no ill effects.
  • If your Payroll programs have been modified this update should be installed by someone who is familiar with the modifications and knows if changes in this update could affect your modifications.
  • A variety of factors can affect the success of your tax update. We do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the update if you fail to check the results after installation. We provide information on how to do this.
  • If you find a problem with an update, call for support and we will attempt to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.
  • Portions of the update routines are based on programs that are copyrighted by ACCPAC. The remainder is copyrighted by Coates & Associates.

To order, you can click here to email us, or click here for our contact information

Specialized Tax Update Services

Need additional updates? Need something more customized?

We will provide any additional services you require at our standard rate of $130 per hour. Most updates take 1 to 2 hours to perform, as long as your PR software has not been customized, and the work can be done from our office. Please call for more information.

Products We Cover

We cover the products listed below for update services.

  • Sage Pro ERP
  • ACCPAC Pro Series
  • SBT Pro Series
  • SBT VisionPoint

If your product is not listed here and you need this type of services, please feel free to call us.